Tours on request

Art and Architecture tours

Stockholm is a City with an amazing outdoor gallery of art in public places. It´s possible to enjoy architecture from different periods without walking to far. Let a guide learn you more about it!

Art tour in the Metro

A journey in the Stockholm Metro is also a tour through an art galllery with art works, sculptures an a unique architecture. You can book a private tour.

Hammarby Sjöstad a new district of Stockholm

A source of inspiration to sustainable city planners worldwide. Learn more about Sjöstaden on a guided tour.


Djurgården, more than a park

In the past Djurgården was only for selected people. Today it is a part of the Royal National City Park where you can stroll, stop to eat or visit the Vasa museum, Nordiska, Junibacken, Skansen or Gröna Lund.

Stockholm was appointed the Green Capital City in 2010.

Stockholm,the Beauty on Water or the Venice of North. Built on islands, surrounded by two large bodies of water, lake and sea, all this makes this city unique in the world. Let us show you Stockholm!